Affordable protective x-ray equipment without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

Our line of radiation protection covers all of the basics and includes offerings such as headgear, lead and lead-free aprons, and skirts with considerations for thyroid guards and eyewear. Designed in the USA, our selection of colors means that you can effortlessly look your best and keep the focus on your trade.

Your protection is our top priority.

We make zero compromises, delivering radiation shielding with high-quality materials.

All protective apparel is crafted on custom loom technology, triple weaving premium alloys into your garment, then fortified by factory-forged lead. Every piece of clothing also has reinforced edging to guarantee durability but allows for natural movement with scooped necklines and Velcro fasteners.

Because CavoMed understands that you have to be ready for whatever the day holds, our apparel is designed for even the most rugged situations. Each garment is waterproof and insulated, and many stylings offer pockets. Back support is an important pillar of your day and our design, so wrap styles prioritize cross-back support for comfort.


CavoMed is registered with the FDA, signifying that our radiation-protective products meet the necessary safety and quality standards required for distribution and sale, as set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We are proud to be certified under ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. This certification signifies that our organization’s comprehensive quality management systems operate as per the guidelines of this internationally recognized standard.

Our organization has also obtained certification under Regulation EU 2016/425, which applies to personal protective equipment (PPE).

These certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction.


Just as you are dedicated to your job, we are dedicated to you.

We considered all of our features with radiology professionals in mind, which is why we created our protective apparel with an emphasis on quality. CavoMed combines premium materials with affordable cost because we believe medical protection should look and feel nice — all at a good price.