Accepted payment methods

CavoMed accepts the following payment methods for your orders: 

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, and Amazon Pay

Does CavoMed allow bulk or wholesale orders?

For bulk or wholesale orders of radiation protective supplies and medical protective clothing through CavoMed, please contact us at hello@cavomed.com or use the form on the contact page, and we can provide you with more information. 

Product Information

Does the CavoMed apron protect from scattered radiation?

Yes, our aprons protect from ionizing scattered X-ray radiation.

Do CavoMed products protect against gamma radiation produced by cesium?

Our X-ray protection products are designed to protect small dose scatter radiation that comes from very controlled X-ray tubes used in X-ray and C-arm type equipment. Gamma radiation is much more powerful than X-ray, and it is emitted from less stable sources than X-ray. Therefore, CavoMed’s apron-type products are not designed to protect against gamma radiation produced by cesium.

Do you have a document data sheet that shows what are the materials and percentage of lead use by code?

What kind of fabric or outer material is available?

We offer polyurethane coated antimicrobial fabric, with multiple color options to choose from.

Can the gowns be folded?

No, the gowns should not be folded. They should be rolled up in the same way they came in the packaging. Use a heavy-duty hanger or an appropriate hanger system for storage.

Is CavoMed stock lead-free?

CavoMed has lead-free aprons, vests, and clothing. Aprons can be made 0.5-1.0 LE. Glasses are not lead-free. We also offer lead aprons, vests, and clothing.

Have your lead-free products undergone attenuation and lead equivalency tests?

Yes, the lead-free products have undergone attenuation and lead equivalency testing conducted at the Health Physics Northwest following the ASTM test Method F2547-18 standards. This test demonstrates the effectiveness of our lead-free products in blocking X-rays across various settings. At the highest X-ray setting of 130kVp, our products attenuate 91.7% of the X-ray beam with a lead equivalence of 0.43mm. Conversely, at the lowest setting of 60kVp, our products attenuate up to 99.8% of the x-ray beam with a lead equivalence of 0.54 mm. For more details, please view our attenuation and lead equivalency test results.

Are the glasses lead-free?

No, the glasses are leaded. All glasses have 0.75 LE.

What are the snaps for?

We can snap on badges or simple logos, allowing personalized products.

Do you offer prescription glasses?

Prescription strength CavoMed glasses will be available later in 2023.


Can logos be added to CavoMed products?

Yes, we can add your logo onto the products you order. Adding logos will require additional time and cost per product unit.

Does CavoMed provide any other customization options?

Yes, you can also embroider your name, designation, and company name on the PPEs. Moreover, in terms of closure, we can insert either velcro or buckles in aprons. In the case of thyroid shields, we offer magnetic closures, as well.

Is there a minimum unit of products I can customize?

Please note that the minimum order quantity required for product customization is 5 units. This quantity ensures that each product is customized with the quality and craftsmanship they deserve.


What sizes does CavoMed offer?

CavoMed offers a variety of sizing on all of our wholesale medical protective clothing from small up through size extra-large.

What size should I order?

When ordering protective equipment or wholesale medical apparel such as a coat apron, the size of the operator may be used as a guideline. 

For example, to find the best x-ray lead-free aprons for your size, use the highest circumference from the operator's chest/waist/hips and then measure the length between the operator's knees and shoulders. These guidelines will allow you to compare your measurements to those of the garment sizes to make a selection.

Some radiation protection supplies require specific fits. For vest options, select the highest circumference from the operator's chest/waist/hips and select the sizing option most suitable. For skirt options, use the length of the waist to the knee as a measurement. In addition, the circumference of the operator's waist.

Are there child sizes?

Yes, child sizes can be ordered.

Return Policy

Can I return my CavoMed order?

Yes, you may return your CavoMed order within 30 days of receipt if it meets certain conditions.

What orders qualify for a return?

CavoMed orders that qualify for return include:

  • Goods purchased in the last 30 days
  • Goods in the original packaging
  • Goods bought at full price

What orders do not qualify for a return?

CavoMed orders that do not qualify for return include:

  • Goods that have been personalized
  • Expired or deteriorated goods
  • Unsealed items or contaminated goods, which by nature are not suitable for return due to health restrictions
  • Goods which, after receipt or delivery, are inseparably mixed with other items
  • Goods that were purchased at a discounted sale price

How do I return qualified orders?

To return your qualified CavoMed orders, please start by contacting us by email at hello@cavomed.com or by using the form on the contact page

You are responsible for returning your order to CavoMed and assume all risks and costs associated with returning your order, including shipping costs and lost or stolen items.

Please return all orders to the following address:

23600 Mercantile Road

Suite 100, Beachwood, OH 44122

When will I receive my refund?

Once CavoMed has received your returned radiation protection supplies or wholesale medical apparel, we will issue your refund within 14 days. We will issue your refund to the original payment method you used when placing the order.

Does CavoMed have a warranty policy?

Yes, we do. For detailed information regarding Cavomed's warranty policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Shipping & Delivery

Where does CavoMed ship?

As one of the top medical protective clothing suppliers, CavoMed ships all over the globe! On top of that, we offer free shipping for US orders.

How long does shipping take?

It takes approximately 60-90 days from the date of the order for your CavoMed to ship and be delivered to you. We can also ship by air, however air shipment will be an additional cost.

Product Care and Maintenance

How do I care for my radiation protection clothing from CavoMed?

For the proper care of our aprons, we recommend giving them a gentle cleaning regularly, ideally once a week. Simply use a mild soap solution mixed with lukewarm water. This routine cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of mold and dirt. You can also opt for a liquid disinfectant without alcohol, if necessary.


Is CavoMed registered with the FDA?

Yes, CavoMed is registered with the FDA. This registration demonstrates CavoMed's compliance with the regulatory requirements set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Besides the FDA, what other certifications does CavoMed have?

CavoMed is certified under the EU Regulations as well as the ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 guidelines. Compliance with these regulations validates that CavoMed's radiation-protective products conform with the necessary safety standards and requirements set by globally recognized bodies.