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Flex-Back Coat Apron - AirLite™ | Lead-Free X-ray Apron Coat Flex-Back

Flex-Back Coat Apron - AirLite™ | Lead-Free X-ray Apron Coat Flex-Back

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Our elegant AirLite™ lead-free X-ray apron coat offers full-body coverage offering you maximum radiation protection while still providing a comfortable fit for the wearer. The flex-back design of the radiation apron coat provides lumbar support and eliminates weight on the shoulders. The velcro enclosures provide an enhanced fit, while the anti-skid shoulder pads reduce stress and provide equal weight distribution. Pockets are also included. These flex-back lead-free aprons come in many vibrant colors and sizes small to extra large.
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The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises


  • Provides total frontal protection with a flex-back design. Comes with pockets.
  • Custom insulation technology comfortably protects you from harmful radiation exposure.
  • Waterproofing keeps you protected in style while you work.
  • Lead-free medical apparel that is recyclable, lightweight, and designed to keep you comfortable at all times.
  • Protective clothing comes in multiple color options. Check back often for new exciting colors.
  • Suitable for procedures where just the front is exposed to the radiation source or patient.
  • The flex-back design of the lead-free radiation apron provides lumbar support and eliminates weight on the shoulders.


The core material is made of flexible poly-vinyl chloride impregnated with bismuth and antimony homogeneous mixture of eco-friendly AirLite™ 70% antimony and 30% bismuth. The covering material is made of our SilkyTouch Fabric, which is polyester reinforced with polyurethane coating. The apron comes in 0.50mm and 0.35mm lead equivalence.

Dimensions & Weight

Size Dimension Weight in Kg (without package)
Small 22.04" (56cm) W x 35.43" (90cm) L 7.27Ibs(3.04kg)
Medium 23.62" (60cm) W x 35.43" (90cm) L 7.71Ibs (3.50kg)
Large 23.62" (60cm) W x 39.37" (100cm) L 8.59Ibs (3.90kg)
XLarge 23.62" (60cm) W x 43.31" (110cm) L 9.47Ibs (4.30kg)

Intended Use

Radiation protection apparel like the flex-back lead-free X-ray apron coat is used to protect hospital patients and medical professionals by reducing the exposure of scattered X-rays to their vital organs through ionizing radiation during medical imaging that uses X-rays, such as radiography, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography.

Product Care and Maintenance

For the proper care of these flex-back coat aprons, we recommend giving them a gentle cleaning regularly, ideally once a week. Simply use a mild soap solution mixed with lukewarm water. This routine cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of mold and dirt. You can also opt for a liquid disinfectant without alcohol, if necessary. After cleaning, hang the flex-back apron coats on specialized hangers designed for protective clothing in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, and store them separately from chemicals or oils that may harm the material. These measures will help maintain the integrity of the flex-back x-ray apron coats for extended use.

Flex-Back Coat Apron - AirLite™ | Lead-Free X-ray Apron Coat Flex-Back

Garment Measurements

Please note below chart is based on garment measurements.
Size Dimensions Inches (cm) Weight Ibs (kg)
Width Length
Small 22.04 (56) 35.43 (90) 7.27 (3.30)
Medium 23.62 (60) 35.43 (90) 7.71 (3.50)
Large 23.62 (60) 39.37 (100) 8.59 (3.90)
Extra Large 23.62 (60) 43.31 (110) 9.47 (4.30)

How to Measure Garment

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