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X Shield, 5 pack (Disposable sheets)

X Shield, 5 pack (Disposable sheets)

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The lead-free XShield as an indispensable solution to effectively minimize cumulative career exposure. These shields are strategically positioned on the patient's body, offering exceptional lead-free radiation protection by blocking scattered radiation in all cath lab procedures. These XShields come in packs of five disposable sheets, with options designed for angiography, dialysis, EP, multipurpose, and the multipurpose XShield with fenestration.
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  • Safeguarding Physicians Placed on the patient, XShield acts as a reliable barrier, shielding physicians from X-ray scatter radiation while maintaining a sterile surgical environment for the patient.
  • Advanced Composition Crafted from an exclusive blend of lead-free elements, XShield harnesses the power of cutting-edge materials, ensuring optimal radiation protection and reducing the risk of cancer and radiation damage.
  • Unrestricted Surgical Performance Designed to enable physicians to conduct surgeries seamlessly, XShield provides unhindered access and maneuverability during general and interventional procedures.
  • Enhanced Sterilization Each XShield unit undergoes a meticulous sterilization process utilizing the latest ethyl oxide radiation sterilization technology, ensuring 100% sterility and patient safety.
  • Single-Use Convenience XShield is a single-use shield, promoting hygiene and easy disposal after each procedure, eliminating the need for reprocessing or concerns about cross-contamination.


The table shield comes in 0.35mm, 0.25mm, and 0.125mm lead equivalence.

Dimensions & Weight

Size Dimension Weight in Kg (without package)
- - 0.69 kg

Intended Use

Radiation protection like XShields are used to protect hospital patients and medical professionals by reducing the exposure of scattered X-rays to their vital organs through ionizing radiation during medical imaging that uses X-rays, such as radiography, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography.

X Shield, 5 pack (Disposable sheets)

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