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Mittens Lead-free X-ray Protection Gloves - AirLite™

Mittens Lead-free X-ray Protection Gloves - AirLite™

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Our AirLite™ Mittens offer soft, comfortable, flexible, reusable, and non-sterile lead-free radiation protection for your hands and allows technicians the mobility of using bare hands directly in the beam field. Features protective mittens that cover the top of the hands and a snug internal snap.

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The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises


  • Provides hand and wrist protection from ionizing radiation.
  • Allows freedom of movement with bare hands while still providing radiation protection.
  • Reusable mittens.
  • Custom insulation technology comfortably keeps you protected from harmful radiation.
  • Protection barriers excel at their main task—protecting you!
  • Don’t let the necessity of protective clothing limit your range of movement.


Measured with narrow as well as inverse broad-beam geometry conditions at 150kVp, in accordance with EN:61331-1:2014 and EN 61331-3-2014. The Duo gloves come in 0.25 mm, 0.35 mm, and 0.50 mm lead equivalence.

Intended Use

Radiation protection apparel like lead-free radiation mittens are used to protect medical professionals by reducing the exposure of scattered X-rays to their vital organs through ionizing radiation during medical imaging that uses X-rays. The Mittens are ideal for protecting technicians’ hands during interventional cardiology procedures.

Mittens Lead-free X-ray Protection Gloves - AirLite™

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